add-victor was founded in 2011 by Steve White-Cooper, a former international rugby player. Following his retirement from sport and his move into Executive Search Steve recognised that the same ingredients for success applied to both sports and business. He subsequently recognised similar transferability with the Armed Forces.

At the centre of add-victor is a recruitment offering enabling corporates across the UK and Ireland to capture unique and inspirational talent.

The talent pool covers 52 sports with a high number having performed in London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games and military officers across all three services, many of whom have served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

From this base add-victor has launched an in-house training and development division aimed at assisting corporates in employee development specifically around leadership, decision making and high performance within the workplace. Most recently add-victor launched an events business following client approaches and now offers bespoke events, corporate speaking and hospitality. The philosophy of add-victor is the absolute belief that smart ideas, hard work and a strong team ethic will always deliver a winning formula.

“Persistence can change failure into extraordinary achievement.”
Matt Biondi

Abi Oyepitan and Fred Inglefield

Abi Oyepitan
Full Time GB Athlete

Fred Inglefield
9/12 Lancers to Finance

add-victor telephone number+44 (0) 203 005 6453