It is vital that junior employees are able to develop the skills that will allow them to become valued business leaders. Leadership experience at a young age is difficult to come by, but sport and the Armed Forces offer just that.

Core to our model is the belief in the power of followership to better the team. This allows employees to develop their own leadership skills, thus improving the performance of the business and creating a pipeline of future leaders.

add-victor constructs programs around client needs. These include:

+   Workshops – encourage individuals and teams to explore leadership through their own experiences. Consequently through practical lessons learnt in sport and the forces add-victor’s aim to develop communication, decision making, strategic planning and critical thinking.

+   Team Away Days – group activities creating a competitive environment to stimulate individuals and the collective team in challenging situations, strengthening trust, self-belief and performance.

“The function of leadership is to develop more leaders.”
Ralph Nader

Rob Williams and Richard Sharp

Rob Williams
GB Rowing to Capital Markets

Richard Sharp
Royal Marines to
Transactional Banking

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