The brutal reality is that sport is finite and unless you are at the very pinnacle you will need to find employment post retirement. Some may wish to stay within sport and others may take up roles within the media; however these roles are limited and turnover can be high.

add-victor internships allow you to focus on your sporting goals but simultaneously build experience for a second career. This will not only mean securing a job in your chosen industry but more than that potentially command a more senior entry position and therefore a higher basic salary.

Significant opportunities exist across a range of industries if you recognise the inevitable and are prepared to make that first step to securing your long term future.

The three biggest questions for any athlete are:

+  When will I retire (injury could dictate that)?
What will I do?
+  What will I earn?

add-victor also offers internships to officers transitioning from the Armed Forces. These internships will primarily be finance based with the aim of final placement.

“The more I practise the luckier I get.”
Gary Player, nine times Major Winner

Annie Panter and Andrew Mills

Annie Panter
GB Hockey to Banking Part Time

Andrew Mills
GB Sailing to
Finance Internship

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