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“I think appreciation for individuality, is what made us so special. Previous environments perhaps didn’t enable us to build those bonds, on and off the field, and we know how critical it is to know your colleagues or teammates, at the height of pressure and relaxing together, both in the business world and on sport field.”

In this week’s episode of 5-Minute Friday we had the pleasure of sitting down with triple Olympian & former GB Hockey player, Crista Cullen. A part of the undeafeted team that took home gold in the 2016 Rio Olympics, Crista shares excellent insights into the team’s internal culture & the importance of strong dynamics off the field, as well as on.

Since retiring from elite sport Crista has founded her own performance leadership company & conservation, The Tofauti Foundation, in Kenya. As in sport, she’s recognised the value in collaboration and empowering those around you in search of collective goals.

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