add-victor is a specialist recruitment firm for athletes and veterans that places talent into the financial services industry. Our clients range from large global banks to boutique institutions.

  • Unlike a traditional recruitment business, our talent pool is made up of athletes and military veterans.

In working with add-victor you are assured that our clients recognise the skills you offer. When applied to the right roles these skills will enable you to achieve your maximum potential.


Are you planning or actively seeking a full-time role in finance? Take your first step to secure your future.


Our talent pool is almost exclusively made of individuals combining excellent academics with inspirational life experience. Be they from elite sport or the military, all have an absolute desire to be in finance.

Your value to our clients is the fact that you offer a proven track record of success. You understand what it takes to be the very best in planning, training, adapting and ultimately executing to achieve the necessary result.

  • Definition of elite sport?
    An athlete who has performed either professionally, semi professionally or at premier division level. This also includes any athlete who has performed for their country be it at age group though to full international. Whilst studying most are part of a High Performance Scholarship Program competing for their University in competitions like BUCS in the UK and the NCAA in the USA.
  • Definition of the ex military?
    A member of the armed forces who has been in full employment in either the army, air force or navy.
  • Definition of strong academics?
    An individual who has been to a top University and achieved a 2:1 or GPA above 3.3 (or equivalent in country of origin) in a relevant degree. Typically Maths, Accounting, Sciences, Engineering, Computer Science, Economics or Business based degrees are sought after. That said, banks are increasingly open to looking at non-traditional degrees, provided you have a passion to get into finance.


What happens if an individual has been in elite sport/military but has not been to University or does not have the right grades but has  a passion to forge a long term career in finance?

If an individual does not immediately meet the above criteria they will need to develop additional skills:

  • By firstly studying a relevant financial course be it an IMC, Investment Diploma or CFA Level One.
  • Secondly gaining relevant work experience in the field of their chosen area.


To date the majority of our placements are individuals finishing up their prospective sport/military careers and/or their studies as a student athlete and are seeking first time roles in finance.
However increasingly we are assisting individuals with up to four years working experience who are seeking new challenges and lateral moves within the Financial Services Industry. To an employer you are highly attractive as you bring industry experience alongside those life skills from sport or the military. If interested register today.

our sector coverage

add-victor works with a cross section of financial institutions covering:

  • Asset Management
  • Capital Markets
  • Corporate Banking
  • Hedge Funds
  • Investment Banking
  • Private Banking
  • Private Equity
  • Real Estate Finance
  • Transactional Services
  • Wealth Management

enhancing your employability

Depending on where you are in your career planning, we are able to offer a range of bespoke sessions to assist you in your own development be it career direction, building a CV  or perfecting  the art of interviewing.


Building your CV – Hands on assistance in building a bespoke CV

  • Debating key skills and understanding how/why relevant to a specific job type
  • Discussing a job description and understanding key skills
  • Building a template that is adaptable for any role
  • Where potential gaps exist give advice on how best to gain skills so alleviating an employer’s concerns in hiring a non-traditional profile.

Interview Prep – How to succeed in an interview

  • What is a job interview
  • How to prepare
    • Job description
    • Understanding the industry
    • What questions to expect
  • During and post interview
  • Mock interview testing your skills & analysing performance.


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