Joe Sayers
  • Sport: Cricket
  • University: Oxford
  • Course: BA Physics
  • Employer: Global Bank
  • Role: High Yield Credit Sales

What skills have you applied from sport?
Amongst many others, an awareness of and an ability to constantly refine my daily process in search of constantly improving my performance. A competitive drive to keep going despite knock backs. A continual desire to seek marginal gains that can set me apart from my competition. An ability to think clearly under pressure to make the right decision and avoid errors. Lastly a willingness to collaborate and lead a team, regardless of relative seniority.

Why do you find the role so stimulating?
Each day brings new challenges and equally new opportunities. Additionally, the industry is meritocratic where you are judged on your own performance and just like sport there are few hiding places. And lastly the camaraderie of the trading floor is much the same as the dressing room.

Shauna Mullins
  • Sport: Beach Volleyball
  • University: Bath
  • Course: MA Business with Law & MSc Marketing
  • Employer: Global Bank
  • Role: Head of Performance & Operations, Digital Investing, Wealth Management

What skills have you applied from sport?
I believe the skills I developed as an athlete are the key to the success I’ve experienced at my bank. The ability to effectively communicate with all levels of the organisation, engage and involve stakeholders on the change journey has been key to the success of the projects I have been involved in. Ultimately, the ability to look at a problem and identify solutions, which was part of the day job on the sand, is now part of my day job at my bank and those skills have allowed me to continue to push the business.

Why do you find the role so stimulating?
I love my role because I’m challenged every day, challenged to solve problems, find new solutions and push the boundaries through innovation to develop the best customer experience and outcome for the banks customers. I am always under pressure to deliver and I thrive in that type of environment.

Mark Odejobi
  • Sport: Rugby
  • University: Brunel
  • Course: BSc Maths & Computer Science
  • Employer: Global Asset Manager
  • Role: Portfolio Analytics

What skills have applied from sport?
As a mathematics with computer science graduate, I was looking for a job that required high analytical content. In my role understanding, creating and leveraging analytics is integral to my cure to role. A large part of my role involves interacting with different parts of my department but also a number of different parts of the firm, so the ability to try and excel as an individual whilst honoring the importance of teamwork is probably the most important skill I have transferred. Additionally, there are some days when things do not go as expected so having dealt the adversity of a number of serious injuries has armed me with the ability to handle these situations appropriately. Lastly the communication skills you build on and off the pitch have been beneficial in building relationships both within my team and the broader firm.

Why do you find the role so stimulating?
My goal was always to be in a job that was analytically focused, so to that extent there is an excellent match. The majority of my work is project based and touches different parts of the business; I am always working on a variety of interesting projects that provide abundant learning opportunities. The flat structure of the firm allows people to gain exposure to very senior people and to take on responsibilities much sooner than would be possible at other firms.

Nick Khashoggi
  • Services: Army – Irish Guards
  • University: Bristol Business School, UWE
  • Course: BA (Hons) Business & European Studies
  • Employer: Global Bank
  • Role: Capital Introductions & Prime Brokerage Sales

What skills have you transferred from the military into your role?
Moving from into financial services has presented a whole host of opportunities to directly transfer the skill set acquired in the Army. Personally, my ability to work under pressured and time sensitive situations for multiple stake holders has been recognised. The work environment here is fast paced and dynamic, so the ability to lay out a plan and manage it through has also been critical. Finally, the maturity, communication and people skills that are generally fostered in the military has also led me to be working directly with clients and external stake holders in a much shorter time than the average person joining a bank at Analyst level might otherwise be.

Why do you find the job so stimulating?
I work in a role that puts me in direct contact with clients from the alternative asset management industry on an almost daily basis. Being able to sit across the table from the sharpest and brightest minds in the industry so frequently has been key to my development and desire to strive for self-improvement. This, combined with the exceptionally high calibre of individuals on the team I’m part of are central to what makes the job so stimulating. Outside of this, the responsibility and trust put in me from a very early stage has been exceptional, and being able to deliver on this trust and make a meaningful impact for clients has been very rewarding.