Cambridge University Rugby Standout Andrew Hunter Reflects on Earliest Sporting Memory & Looks Ahead to Finance Placement

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Andrew Hunter Celebrates after Varsity Match Victory

Andrew Hunter has gone from strength to strength during his tenure at Cambridge University; playing a pivotal role on the rugby pitch and as a leader off it, which ultimately resulted in securing a graduate placement this Autumn.

After honing in on where his passion resided he turned to add-victor for assistance in transforming that into a career opportunity. This, heavily in part due to Andrew’s hard-work and execution, has since materialised into an exciting entry-level placement at a Global Bank.

Originally from Sydney, Australia Andrew recalls his earliest rugby memory “I was about five years old and my Dad was away for business overseas and Mum was sick of me destroying the house. So she decided to take me over to our local rugby club and I haven’t looked back since.” Fast-forward 15 years and he’s playing at Twickenham Stadium in the ever-contested Annual Varsity Match, driving his team to victory.

We got a chance to chat with Andrew as he reflected on that particular victory, the similarities between sport and finance and offers two key items of advice for student-athletes seeking exciting career opportunities.

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What has been your greatest achievement to date, and what did you learn most from it?

I think getting my first winning blue in 2016. There is undoubtedly a difference in achieving a winning blue and a losing blue, and for the Club to win after six years of consecutive losses it meant not only a lot to the team, but the greater Cambridge Rugby community.


What’s your favourite part of playing a sport?

The day-to-day locker room environment and competition as a whole.


How has sport helped shaped who you are today?

The sport I learned the most from was actually rowing in high school. Rowing is one of those sports where you can noticeably see an improved output through sustained and increased inputs over time. The takeaways from rowing, such as time management and adherence to a process, have stayed with me through my studies and career, and luckily I haven’t been turned off by early mornings!

What do you think the similarities between sport and finance are?

I believe that there are stark similarities between sport and finance. In sport, you are working in a team environment under significant pressure to achieve a predetermined outcome. From my previous experience in finance, these skillsets are essential to functioning in the industry, and if you pull in elements such as competitive drive and resilience–you can truly excel.


How did you hear about add-victor?

I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Steve and the team at add-victor through previous students at the Judge Business School and through CURUFC. Everyone I have met have had excellent experiences with the team at add-victor, and have gone on to start careers in their chosen arenas. So I was keen to get involved and kickstart my own career journey.


What are you most looking forward to with your upcoming graduate placement?

After retiring from rugby late last year, I am looking forward to getting back into a performance orientated team environment and moving onto the next stage of my career. The transition will be warmly welcomed!

Andrew's Sights Set Firmly Ahead
Andrew's Sights Set Firmly Ahead

What have you enjoyed most about studying at Cambridge?

The best part of studying at Cambridge is the people you come across. I have been very fortunate to come across a whole host of people and personalities that I would never dream of coming across in my previous life. This has been largely facilitated through the rugby club where at one training session I am talking to a theoretical astrophysicist and the next a social innovator (whatever that is). The people I have come across have wonderfully diverse views and are not afraid to speak their mind. The most enjoyable part of the degree itself has been transferring in my final year to the Judge Business School whereby the teaching far exceeds anything I have come across before.


Tell us something we might not know about University of Cambridge Rugby.

Cambridge University Rugby Union Football Club is a dichotomy. On one hand, it is steeped in such rich and meaningful tradition, which is inherent to the University itself. Conversely, it is an extremely supporting and open environment where individuals from a whole host of backgrounds can thrive. I feel that the interaction between these two cultures makes the club something real special to be a part of.

What are your main goals for the placement?

My main goal is to gain exposure to the EMEA capital markets environment and further develop my arsenal of skills and knowledge. Long term I am aiming to secure a position based off of my performance during the placement. It will be an exciting platform for me to be challenge, to grow, and perform once again under pressure.


What advice would you give to other student-athletes looking for exciting career opportunities?

There are probably two lessons from my journey so far. The first is to never underestimate the value of buying someone a coffee. Meet as many people as possible and pick their brains. For the most part people are always willing to help even when they are exceptionally busy. The second bit of advice would be when entering an organisation look at the people ahead of you. If you don’t want to be like them, then it’s probably the wrong organisation for you. But beyond that, don’t forgot all the experiences and skills you’ve earned through sport, they will always take you where you need to go!

Hunter Determined, On & Off the Pitch
Hunter Determined, On & Off the Pitch

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