• Our business is, at its heart, about figuring out what our competitive advantage is and how to build a strategy around it… EMPLOYEE has been focused on this in his first career as an athlete, and by turning up with the same energy, enthusiasm and leadership skills that made him successful there, he has made an immediate impact here…He is already performing at a level consistent with many years of industry experience.

HIRING MANAGER: Managing Director, Global Transactional Banking
  • EMPLOYEE is an asset to our division and his approach to business has at times been like a breath of fresh air and acted as a reminder of why it’s never ok to accept mediocrity.
HIRING MANAGER: Managing Director, Global Banking
  • It was the ownership that she displays in driving the change projects that most impressed me. EMPLOYEE took full responsibility for delivery, engaged with all senior stakeholders, took accountability for solving problems and displayed real commitment to deliver to stretching timescales.
HIRING MANAGER: Director, Wealth Management
  • EMPLOYEE is very competitive and channels this energy to assist her performance and development. This is probably linked to a competitive upbringing as well as her time spent in professional sport.
HIRING MANAGER: Managing Director, Global Markets