From Field to Finance (Part 4): Women in Sport – How to Know if Finance if Right for You

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Women in Sport – How to Know If Finance is Right For You:

Looking at the details. 

So while professional and top-level athletes definitely have many of the skills needed to succeed in finance, it doesn’t mean that it’s the right fit for everyone. Along with the skills mentioned above, most financial groups are looking to hire people with a strong academic background.

Most people know that finance is the career they want to pursue but may not hit their sweet spot immediately. Clara Enciso, who competed in Fencing for the Spanish National Team (Epee), says, “Having enjoyed Maths at school I was advised to pursue a degree in Civil Engineering. However, it was while studying my BEng that I undertook a module on investments that my mind opened to a career in banking”.

“I look forward to joining a bank and building a long term career”. 

“By background I had always been interested in global affairs and its relationship with markets but never seriously considered a career in finance. I am now undertaking a MSc in Management and will be majoring in International Finance. I look forward to joining a bank and building a long term career.

Of course, many athletes, while focused on their career in sports, may have set aside the world of academia, either not graduating or not doing as well as they could have since their attention and energy was elsewhere.

Most athletes when looking to enter the professional world of finance need to understand that they will most likely have to add some qualifications and credentials to their resume that are specific to finance. Additionally, it’s most likely that you would be hired by a company at a junior level, such as an analyst or associate.

This, however, should not be discouraging, because the room for growth in this industry is enormous. Furthermore, compared to other base salaries in other industries, those in the finance world are significantly higher.

To know if entering finance is right for you, you need to not be frightened by a bit of legwork that will go into the preparation process. If some initial hard work doesn’t scare you away from the prospect and you find yourself interested in what a career in finance entails, chances are you will be a great fit.

At add-victor we see your potential – and we can’t wait for you to see it too. 

The Benefits of Working with Add-Victor

As a specialist recruitment firm, add-victor works side-by-side with athletes to help guide them through the process of preparing to enter the finance world. We work closely with a range of financial institutions including banks, as well as top asset managers, hedge funds and private equity businesses, to find the right fit for our athletes.

Most of the positions we find are located at global institutions with offices in London. They are positions that companies want filled by athletes, women athletes in particular. With a proven track record of success, we know what female athletes have to offer the finance industry – and we know how to make that clear to potential employers, getting them excited at the prospect.

Add-victor helps bring athletes into a finance world, preparing them for success well before their first day in the office. Our proven strategies and relationships help you find your dream job and success you’ve always known was possible.

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