add-victor helps former Inter Milan footballer make the move to investment banking

Sun 1st Nov 2020

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Top sports men and women moving into business after their career ends is something of a common occurrence. Less common is when former elite athletes transition into specialist banking careers. What breaks the mould entirely is a former Italy under 20 football Captain, who made appearances for Internazionale in the Champions League, moving into a banking role for one of the top investment banks in London.

For Luca Franchini, swapping the pitch for the square mile is a chance to get challenged again.

“The investment banking environment is something that has always fascinated me.”

Football first

The former defender has also been in successful administrator roles for Inter as well as coaching positions for the likes of Southampton and Championship (division 2 in England) side, Brentford. He was forced to hang up his boots after sustaining a career-ending knee injury in 2013.

“It wasn’t easy to leave my home town, my club, but I’m really motivated to get a chance and a challenge in a new environment where I’ve never been challenged before,” says Franchising who is relishing the idea of getting back into a hyper competitive, yet supportive, space.

Luca Franchini has been in football since he was nine years old. At nine he started at the Inter Academy and went on to his playing career. He then continued to coaching. His lack of experience is not something that Franchini feels daunted by.

“No I am not nervous at all. I am not a nervous person. If the interview process is anything to go on, it was very enjoyable.”

A New start

Franchini starts his new financial services career as an intern, joining the add-victor 2017 Internship Program at a Tier 1 US Investment Bank, with a view to ultimately joining an equity desk.

When asked what he expects from the world of banking, Luca says, “The chance to learn and to get challenged and have fun. I know many people who work in banking and they are interesting personalities doing interesting things, as they deal with many individuals across the world. They have interesting stories to tell. I also know that most of these environments usually create fun between people as they share a lot of hours and challenges. This is something I am really looking forward to.”

Under no illusions

He is under no illusions as to the challenge ahead though. Having completed a Bachelor’s degree in 2006 while playing and completing his Masters’ in Sports Management thereafter, he did a short course in finance at Bocconi University.

“Even though I may have less thorough financial knowledge than someone from a more classic path at this point, what sport gave to me is something I see as perhaps more suitable in a demanding environment,” adds Franchini.

add-victor, the specialist recruiter focusing on transitioning elite athletes from around the world to careers in banking, helped to place the footballer into the role. Steve White-Cooper, add-victor CEO, says, ’’It is rare to see footballers move into high finance. That’s what makes Luca’s story so interesting. He has just the right attributes that he will surely carry over from his sport career into another challenging and highly competitive environment. It’s going to be great to watch his progress.”