Confronting the Uncertainty of a Pandemic: Why Athletes are Best Equipped & Other Topical Tips

Fri 6th Nov 2020

As the world is coming to terms with the changes and restrictions that have been enforced in the wake of covid-19, a particular subpopulation has experienced a unique shift in their otherwise rigid structure. Students. Millions of students have otherwise stopped attending classes, had their university graduations cancelled, and for so many face an unfamiliar uncertainty about how they are to complete this formative chapter in their lives. There’s been multiple stories of internships being cancelled, some graduate offers being withdrawn, and what’s left is a series of doubts regarding the state of the job market for the foreseeable.

If there’s one thing that stands clear amidst the doubt, it’s that students are resilient. This is particularly amplified in student-athletes, who have a history of preparing for the unknown and adapting to its emergence. Student-athletes have built an ability to see opportunity in obstacle, and that characteristic is required now more than ever. For a number of student-athletes their set path is often interrupted, through injury or poor performances, and they are left to evaluate the landscape and action a contingency plan. The rise of this pandemic and the disruption it has caused is no different. Student-athletes who have had their academic homestretch derailed must adapt and remain optimistic. This will pass and their education, hard work, and ambition will be desperately required to reinvigorate businesses.

This particular period, where applications are on hold or interview processes are delayed, provides a great chance to work on your personal brand, to research specific industries or roles within that are of interest, to get your CV as strong as possible—all these efforts will pay dividend when the right opportunity materialises. These circumstances provide a great opportunity to explore sectors or companies that weren’t necessarily a primary focus; certain sectors will experience business continuity or growth, and therefore companies will remain engaged in their hiring needs. Candidates who remain proactive with their career development during this time will have a richer influence over their ultimate vocational goals, especially when things return to normality. add-victor are committed to providing a range of resources in these efforts; whether it is understanding which employers are still seeking junior talent or what sectors will come out the end of this pandemic in need of additional headcount or simply advising on what online courses are available and recommended.


Employers looking to add to their teams in such an unorthodox period are faced with online interviews, delays in their traditional interview/on-boarding timelines, and have factor in the ability of candidates to join a new company/team remotely and possess the accountability to learn, work hard, and add value where they can. These new considerations work in the favour of individuals from a sporting background. Athletes are intuitively flexible, and many operate in competitions where having a strategy is critical but so too is being prepared for those strategies to be undone; they have an intrinsic self-starter mentality, which enables them to complete the necessary tasks on their own accord, with one eye always on the wider team’s targets; and athletes are resilient by nature—setbacks and uncharted territories are part of every athlete’s journey, which make them fully equipped to manage the impacts of this global crisis and establish how to come out the other end stronger. Which is a concept we should all be considering. How do we return from this foreign state refocused and driven to reach our goals?

Despite these challenging times, numerous companies (including those add-victor work with) are still recruiting. In other words, entry-level candidates are still very much valued and needed. Stay positive as you adapt your job search process, and know that the add-victor team is here to support you. If you have any concerns, questions, want to engage for the first time, please do reach out at!