The Winning 3 Steps Checklist for Student-Athletes’ Start-of-the-Year

Mon 5th Sep 2022

Whether you're just about to start your uni journey or about to finish, being a student-athlete requires both organisation and determination. While you’ve probably already heard lots of advice from coaches and read some guidance on the topic; our checklist gives you a comprehensive and handy list to help you prepare and think about how to successfully balance your academics & sports.

This document has been designed in collaboration with former distinguished student-athletes & add-victor alumni, including Daniel Stoller, rugby man & Oxford graduate now Management Consultant at JMAN and Charlotte Orr, University of California, Berkeley graduate & rower, now Operations Specialist at Velocity Black.

We think our checklist is a great place to start in your preparation for university or transition to a full-time career.

We break it down into 3 steps in each category:

  • Academics "Catch the Academic Mindset",
  • Time Management "Balance & Manage Your Time",
  • Career Development "Cultivate a Proactive Career Development",
  • Self-Care "Unwind to Better Perform".

Don’t forget that what works for one person may not work for another, cultivate a flexible mindset by continually reassessing your routine & plans to reach your goals.

Access & Download the Checklist Here