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The Night-before Butterflies Remain, As Does the Hunger for Success

Tyler Bernadini: Not New to the Bright Lights
Tyler Bernadini: Not New to the Bright Lights

Add-victor continues a mini-series showcasing Tyler Bernardini’s journey from Professional Basketball to the Trading Floor. The 2nd instalment in this series follows his mental configuration the night before the first day and his main take-aways from the first week in, detailing how sport has equipped him for moments just like this.

Night Before

I can sense the jitters in my stomach and a general unsettled feeling. My mind is racing about what this next year will bring. These sensations are generally how I feel the night before training camp begins, but instead this year it is how I am feeling before I begin the first day in my new career.

Surprisingly the jitters aren’t nerves, but rather excitement. I have a really strong belief that my experience has prepared me for this next chapter. Maybe my career in sports hasn’t prepared me for the material itself, but I am certain it has given me the necessary tools to achieve success in my career in banking. The anticipation is brutal nonetheless.

The only thing I can control is how I go about things. Therefore, I am focused on being eager to learn, grind out whatever it takes to adjust to the learning curve, and be a good person to work with each day. Supposedly, from what everyone has told me, the hard part is just landing a job, I will let you know if that is the case…

Tyler Finding his Balance in this New Career
Tyler Finding his Balance in this New Career

After Week 1

It is really hard to summarise the whole experience of your first week on the trading floor. Everything is moving so fast, information is just coming at you from all different angles, and the excitement you feel everyday pulses through you from the moment you wake up till you lay your head down.

I thought it was going to be like the first day at training camp… it was very different. It was much more like getting dropped into mid-season as a rookie. The entire floor bustled with activity all day, with everyone going about their day with the certainty I used to have on the court. The transition to a new career had certainly begun.

Perhaps the biggest surprise from that first was the language people used everyday to conduct their business, it was clearly English but the meaning of the words made no sense. A lot of acronyms, shortened words, strings of numbers that generated action to each recipient but meant nothing to me. I realised from that first day, I needed to be a sponge and soak in every bit of information.

As the week progressed the material began to make sense, movements and actions slowed, I was even able to de-code the language a bit. I ended the week feeling that although this will be a big challenge, my work ethic can get me through it. Ready for week 2…

A New Type of Uniform
A New Type of Uniform

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