My Journey from the Basketball Court to the Trading Floor: Tyler Bernardini Sheds Light on the Thought Process of an Elite Athlete

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Tyler Bernadini: Destined for Success
Tyler Bernadini: Destined for Success

Add-victor is proud to publish a mini-series showcasing Tyler Bernardini’s journey from Professional Basketball to the Trading Floor. In this series he will offer first-hand insights from the interview process to four weeks into the job; reflecting on what he’s learnt, what he would’ve done differently, and ultimately, how his sporting experiences have helped mould who he is, now acting as the base for which he builds his career.

Personal Background

I am a 29 year old Italian-American professional basketball player that recently accepted an offer for a position on the FX Desk at a leading global US Bank. I grew up in California using sport as a platform to pursue my scholastic ambitions.

I attended the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania for my Bachelor’s degree, while also performing as a 4 Year Varsity starter on their NCAA Division 1 Men’s Basketball team. It was an incredible, yet challenging time in my life. I truly believe the value of elite athletics shapes people in a way that can only be comprehended by those who have gone through that experience.

After my time at UPenn, I had a brief stint in Italy, followed by a very successful 4 year playing career for the Leicester Riders of the British Basketball League (BBL). During my time in Leicester I paired my professional basketball obligations with a Master’s Degree from Loughborough University. After winning 9 trophies over my last 3 years, including captaining the side to back to back trebles, I left the game on a high and decided it was time to begin a career in Finance.

Tyler was the University of Pennsylvania's 10th all-time leading scorer
Tyler was the University of Pennsylvania's 10th all-time leading scorer

Blog Goal

As I begin the transition from a professional athlete to Investment Banking, I wanted to share some of my journey with the next wave of athletes hoping to go pro in something other than sports.

The process of securing a job in the Finance industry is not easy, and I am excited to share my experiences from where I have been to where I am about to go. I hope this blog can be a resource and provide greater insight into what this change of career looks like, if nothing but from my perspective.

The Interview Process


I can still vividly remember my first conversation with Steve White-Cooper from Add-Victor, as he spoke about the opportunities that await in a Finance career and how my history in sport was integral to that. We spoke about how the road to landing a job might not be straight or tidy. However, he consistently advised me to be patient and the right opportunity will happen. And he was right. I interviewed multiple times at several banks, and after each interview I could feel myself becoming better at the interview process.

Tyler in game for Leicester Riders
Tyler in game for Leicester Riders

I was diligent in my preparation, building revision sheets around the role expectations, the role functions, and market information related to the space. As I continued to meet with Banks, my comprehension of the material and my ability to talk about the markets drastically improved, resulting in an increased confidence each and every time. When I met with my eventual employer I was prepared, excited, and certain that I could be the candidate they needed.

The best advice I can provide any athlete looking to enter the Finance industry is to be particularly sharp on 3 things:

  1. Know the role and its functions within the bank.
  2. Communicate why your specific skill set is perfect for that role.
  3. Own the fact that you are an elite athlete, and that your experience, although different than most applicants, is incredibly valuable.

In next week’s instalment Tyler recalls his night-before jitters and evaluates his first week on the floor: the high and lows, what he learnt, what surprised him, and ultimately how his sporting mindset has set him up for the rigours of this transition.

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