1. Jan 2012:

    Founded as 'add-vantage'

    Placing retiring elite athletes & ex military with employers. Name change to add-victor March 2012

  2. Sept 2012:

    1st placement

    Search process successfully concluded utilising early stage technology

  3. June 2015:

    100th Placement

    3rd successful year running out of cycle internship with US Global Bank. Retention rate stands at 90% over the three years

  4. May 2020:

    Sector coverage expands

    Expanding into wider financial services, before broadening to include five other sectors

  5. Mar 2021:

    Launch of tech platform 2.0 & expansion of talent pool to include Student-Athletes

    Necessitated by employer demand & a need to create greater efficiencies

  6. Apr 2023:

    Upgrade of tech platform 3.0

    Desire to create a tailored solution to meet employer needs & build talent pipelines

Our Story

add-victor was launched in 2012 on the eve of the London Olympics. 10 years on, we have supported 550+ Sport & Military Personnel through their transition into the corporate world.

Historically, we focused on placing elite athletes & veterans into the financial services. Such was our success that a growing appetite from current and prospective clients led us to expand not only our sector coverage, but also our talent pool to include Student-Athletes. The athlete pool encompasses over 50 sports and hailing from 20 countries. Alongside this, we operate across all three services to support Veterans and Reservists.

March 2021 marked a key turning point with the development of our back-end software. Our platform is now the premium marketplace for Candidates & Employers; where Candidates can market their background and skillset in a unique ‘Shop Window’ format, and Employers can create an engaging company page and advertise their live vacancies directly to our talent pool.  Our sector coverage now includes Banking, FinTech, Consulting, Asset Management, Insurance, Technology, Real Estate, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Sales & Marketing.

We are constantly innovating to support all of our Candidates & Partners in their performance journey. Alongside consistently matching Candidates with opportunities that best fit their aspirations and skillsets, we diligently guide them through an often uneasy transition. Our Partners include leading Universities & NGBs whom we collaborate with to address Diversity & Inclusion. In this way, we strive to galvanise D&I by tackling gender imbalances and championing ethnic minorities, first- generation attendees, and those with disabilities to make the corporate world more accessible.

Our bespoke Employer & Partner relationships enable us to capture the burgeoning aspirations of both tomorrow’s workforce and the corporate world. Now, as we did 10 years ago, we continue to implement long-lasting results, pioneer a confident & thriving workforce, and deliver positive and enduring change.


“Every Day We Grow”

Our Values

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Meet the Founder & CEO

add-victor was founded by former England and Harlequins player Steve White-Cooper. Through his experiences in Rugby and Executive Search, Steve recognised the value of the transferable skills he had developed in sport, and how significantly they had contributed to his transition into the corporate world.

“Despite retiring from rugby on my terms at 27 years old, I absolutely struggled with a loss of identity. However, once I committed to a role and set myself targets, I began to see at firsthand not just the skills developed through sport and its transferability, but the real value it offered employers. This is not a new phenomenon, it has been well documented that 95% of Fortune CEO’s and 94% of C-suite women played sports in their youth.”

Leadership & Management

Alex Turnbull

Head of University & NGB Partnerships

  • Introduction: A passionate Loughborough University graduate with experience across Sporting & Higher Education sectors - Alex is looking to develop relationships that add-victor holds with a wealth of National Governing Bodies, Elite Sporting Pathways, Professional Sport Organisations, Academic Institutions & Student-Sport Clubs.

Charlène Collet

Marketing Lead

  • Introduction: With a creative mindset and a passion for delivering excellence, Charlène is shaping marketing strategies and campaigns across multi-channels to support the growth of add-victor. She oversees all aspects of the company’s marketing efforts, building a compelling narrative that supports candidate and client origination.


Sport Endorse

  • add-victor proudly introduces a new strategic partner: Sport Endorse understands the challenges elite athletes often face when seeking sponsorship. They have developed a user-friendly online platform that allows members to engage with sponsorship and gifting opportunities and receive direct online payments.
  • Advertising opportunities now available for candidates: Athletes can register with Sport Endorse for free and create a profile to connect with brands and creative agencies for long-term ambassadorships or short-term campaigns.


  • Cardiff Met Sport Red
  • King's College London (KCL)
  • Loughborough Volley resized
  • Heriot-Watt University (Oriam)
  • Swansea University
  • University of Bristol Fencing UOBF
  • University of East Anglia
  • University of Edinburgh
  • University of Edinburgh Cricket EUCC
  • University of Exeter Ladies Football EULFC
  • University of Exeter Ladies Hockey EULHC
  • University of Exeter Womens Basketball EUWBC
  • University of Glasgow Sports Association GUSA
  • University of Glasgow Rugby Union (Men) GURFC
  • University of Glasgow Weightlifting GUWC
  • University of Leeds Volleyball LUUVC
  • University of Manchester Women's Lacrosse UMWL
  • University of Oxford Hockey OUHC
  • University of Oxford Netball OUNC
  • University of Oxford Rugby OURFC
  • University of St Andrew's Basketball USTAB
  • University of Sussex Volleyball USVC
  • University of the West of England Performance Sport
  • University of Exeter Athletics EUAC
  • University of Exeter Sailing EUSC
  • University of Exeter Touch Rugby EUTRC
  • University of Liverpool Fencing LUFC
  • University of Leeds Netball LUNC
  • University of Birmingham Womens Football UOBWFC
  • University of Birmingham Tennis UOBTC
  • University of Leeds Tennis UOLTC
  • University of Exeter Boat UOEBC
  • University of Exeter Ultimate Frisbee EUUFC
  • University of Edinburgh Netball EUNC
  • University of St Andrew's Volleyball UStAVC
  • University of Bristol Netball UBNC
  • University of Bristol Ladies Hockey UBLHC
  • King's College London Swimming & Waterpolo KCLSWP