From the Gridiron to the FinTech Frontier - Jesse Menghini's Remarkable Second Act

Sat 11th Nov 2023

When it comes to remarkable career transitions, Jesse Menghini's journey stands out as a testament to the limitless potential of individuals with a military background.

Formerly a Running Back in American Football and a dedicated US Air Force veteran, Jesse fearlessly pursued a new path in the world of FinTech. Embarking on this exhilarating change after six years of service, he discovered a thriving opportunity at PrismFP’s New York office, a cutting-edge digital brokerage service firm. With its disruptive approach to the financial brokerage model, PrismFP provides the perfect platform for Jesse to showcase his honed skills from his military service, enabling him to excel in this dynamic and fast-paced industry.


Enlisting With Education in Mind

After a serious injury in college American Football and being ‘disillusioned with the whole college process’, Jesse was determined to ‘do something more active’. He grew up inspired by his Grandfather who had served and saw ‘the military as something admirable’ to be a part of.

Discovering the number of advantages that would be available to him, he enlisted in the Air Force in Texas, with the aim of eventually getting his degree.

“It was a win-win. You get to live exciting moments, serve your country, whilst benefiting from a direct pathway to higher education. I thought it was a no-brainer. I called up the recruiter and just went from there.”

Unsure of where his strengths lay, Jesse was given aptitude tests in four distinct areas before being placed in Radar Airfield & Weather Systems (RAWS). These specialists ensure that the equipment utilised by air traffic controllers and pilots is in perfect working order. They install and maintain everything from air traffic control and weather equipment to ground control and navigational aids, to ensure aircraft can be safely guided through take-off and landing.

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Mastering FinTech with Military Precision: Unleashing Skills for Success

Jesse's remarkable journey from military service to the forefront of the FinTech industry has been fuelled by a remarkable set of skills acquired during his six years of dedicated service. Unaware of them at the time, these invaluable abilities have proven instrumental in his triumphant transition. Let's explore them:

Responsibility and Problem-Solving: The military instilled in Jesse a sense of responsibility from day one. Fresh out of college, he was entrusted with critical tasks, fostering his problem-solving skills under pressure. "The military was a challenging experience that allowed me to grow tremendously", he reflects.

Interpersonal Skills: Traveling the globe during his service provided Jesse with a unique opportunity to connect with people from diverse backgrounds. Living in various corners of the world, from Japan to Central and South America, enhanced his interpersonal skills and forged lasting friendships. Jesse's ability to build strong relationships with colleagues in FinTech has been a significant asset in his career growth.

Composure: Thriving under pressure is second nature to Jesse; the resilience he developed in the face of adversity allows him to remain composed even in the most chaotic situations. As he states, "The military has taught me to handle stressful moments competently. In the fast-paced world of trading, where markets fluctuate rapidly, maintaining composure is key."

Adaptability: Military service prepared Jesse to adapt to different environments and confront diverse challenges. Drawing from his past experiences, he effortlessly transitions between roles and thrives in the ever-evolving landscape of FinTech. Jesse believes that military members possess a unique advantage, stating, "While lacking certain educational pedigrees or traditional experiences, we possess skills and experiences that set us apart and propel us forward."


Navigating the Winds of Change in FinTech

Jesse's journey into the world of FinTech was driven by his passion for finance and a desire for a long-term career. Armed with a BSc Finance from Northeastern University and a clear vision for his future, Jesse made the bold decision to transition into Sales & Trading.

In his current role, Jesse works closely with clients, staying updated on market trends, executing trades, and managing administrative tasks. The dynamic nature of the FinTech industry and its constant technological advancements are what excite him the most. He finds joy in the thrilling and ever-changing nature of the markets, making it a stimulating and stable career path.

Despite his demanding role, Jesse also serves as a part-time Reserve Non-Commissioned Officer for the United States Air Force, still serving for the New York State Air National Guard. This commitment requires a monthly duty and two weeks of training per year. For Jesse, achieving a balance between his military and professional responsibilities is crucial. During his free time, Jesse enjoys going to the gym, reading, and playing video games to unwind.


Arming Yourself for Success Beyond the Military

While Jesse is grateful for the career change he made, he acknowledges that transitioning away from the military presented unexpected challenges. The psychological and emotional aspects, especially the loss of the military community, weighed heavily on him. Reflecting on his experience, Jesse offers valuable advice for those seeking success outside the military:

  • Start the process early: Begin preparing well in advance, give yourself time to explore career options, acquire necessary skills, and make informed decisions.
  • Have a support system in place: Recognise that the military fosters a strong sense of community and familial bonds; establish a support network of friends, mentors, and resources to assist you during the transition period.
  • Don't be discouraged: Understand that the journey may not be straightforward or swift. It requires effort and perseverance; trust in yourself and believe that opportunities will arise.
  • Once you secure a job, the same principles apply. Be prepared for adjustments and understand that progress may not happen immediately. Jesse emphasises the importance of humility and patience…
  • Embrace humility: Recognize that your position may be different from what you experienced in the military or as an athlete. Approach your new role with a willingness to learn and adapt.
  • Balance confidence with eagerness to learn: Build upon the work ethic and habits that led to success in previous environments. Be confident in your abilities while maintaining an open mindset to acquire new skills.

Jesse encourages aspiring individuals to take the leap, even if doubts arise about their suitability for the FinTech industry (or another). Trust in your background and believe that your past experiences will serve as a strong foundation for success.


Jesse Menghini's career transition showcases the limitless potential of individuals with a military background. Joining PrismFP's New York office after six years of service, Jesse found a thriving opportunity to utilise his skills and excel in this fast-paced industry. His journey exemplifies how the skills cultivated through military service are transferrable and invaluable in the dynamic realm of FinTech. His story serves as an inspiration for both veterans seeking new opportunities and employers within the Finance and FinTech sectors who can unlock the immense potential of this remarkable talent pool.