Partnering with Sport Endorse - Connecting Athletes With Commercial Brand Opportunities

Tue 16th Jan 2024

add-victor proudly introduces a new strategic partner, Sport Endorse, a platform connecting individuals with brands for exciting commercial opportunities.

Sport Endorse
understands the challenges elite athletes often face when seeking sponsorship. They have developed a user-friendly online platform that allows members to engage with sponsorship and gifting opportunities and receive direct online payments.

Currently, Sport Endorse serves athletes at all levels, offering various opportunities like becoming a brand ambassador, giving inspirational talks, endorsing products on social media, participating in modelling gigs, and making public appearances. They collaborate with over 500 companies across diverse industries, ensuring a wide range of opportunities. Find out more about their success stories by browsing this page.

Through this partnership, add-victor athletes can register with Sport Endorse for free and create a profile to connect with brands and creative agencies for long-term ambassadorships or short-term campaigns. Register here

Sport Endorse operates as a dynamic two-sided marketplace, bridging the gap between elite athletes celebrated for their world-class performance, both on and off the field, and brands and agencies seeking the very best. Their meticulous onboarding process guarantees that every athlete a brand engages with possesses the essential traits of personality, professionalism, and passion necessary to surpass client expectations. Leveraging their cutting-edge online platform, they simplify the process for companies to discover, secure, and oversee top sports influencers for their marketing initiatives. If you seek further information tailored to brands and agencies, you can schedule a concise 15-minute consultation with Sport Endorse's sports marketing specialist.


In the Words of the Leaders:

"We are delighted about this partnership that amplifies our commitment to empowering athletes beyond the field. With add-victor, we're not just endorsing the value of athletes to brands, we're endorsing their excellence throughout their careers." - Declan Bourke, COO & Co-Founder at Sport Endorse.

"Empowering athletes and military veterans to excel in their careers is at the core of what we do. Through this partnership, we are excited to amplify the reach of Transferrable Excellence and create a brighter future together." – Steve White-Cooper, Founder of add-victor.


Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we embark on this journey together, fostering growth, achievement, and excellence in every endeavour.